Reporting Maintenance Issues

It is important that you report all maintenance issues to us as soon as they arise.

To report maintenance to us please Click Here and create an account. You can then report maintenance issues and view the jobs we already know about.


Mould and mildew can form quickly, especially in the winter and is the result of a build up of moisture which cannot escape. Condensation in bathrooms, kitchens and from the drying of clothes indoors are all contributory factors.

To keep it under control, it is essential to ventilate the property regularly, particularly kitchens and bathrooms. Open windows as often as you are able, and if there are vents leave them open. Keep rooms warm, as this prevents moisture in the air from coming into contact with cold surfaces.

If you notice mould forming, you should clean it away with a mild solution of Dettol or bleach and warm water. Concentrate on windows and seals, but take care not to damage the surfaces. Read the instructions to be safe!

Manuals for Appliances.

If you don't have a manual for a domestic appliance you may be able to find a copy on the website.